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Nature comes from life itself, and crafts come from human creation.

Life creates the beauty of nature, and prints the beauty of craftsmanship.

01, double festival, celebration


The 2019 China International Corrugated Exhibition ended on August 30th at the Wuhan·Wuhan International Expo Center. It is an unprecedented event that brings together many domestic and foreign paper packaging industry giants. On this global event, Jiajing is exhibiting for three days, with many exhibiting friends. In-depth communication.

02, theme - green


The theme of this exhibition is to guide the paper packaging enterprise technology upgrade, and take the road of green packaging and smart packaging development. Jiajing adheres to the innovation of water-based inks, practices the country's road to environmental protection, green and sustainable development, and adheres to the “Green Earth” development concept, which is highly consistent with the theme of the exhibition.

03, Jiajing C34-2


The Jiajing booth is located at C34-2. The iconic dark blue and light blue render our unique logo. The flowers on the bright booth are pleasing to the eye. We carefully selected the representative ink products of Jiajing, neatly placed on the booth, and the customer gave a glance. Just look at our careful preparations.

During the exhibition, the enthusiastic Jiajing people also attracted a lot of consultations from participating customers.

04, on-site communication



Our exhibitors also warmly invited them to sit down and exchange ideas to understand the needs of customers and the current market situation of the ink industry. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. Finally, they left each other with business cards and shook hands, hoping to have a happy future.

05, the successful conclusion


Jiajing 2019 China International Corrugated Exhibition and International Color Box Festival participated in the exhibition successfully. For three days, we collected the suggestions and needs of the on-site customers and gave feedback to our engineers. I believe that in the future, the technology of environmentally-friendly ink painting, Jiajing also So take it to the next level.


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