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On the evening of May 18th, 2019, the Thanksgiving Ceremony of the 20th Anniversary of Jiajing Ink was grandly held at the Hyatt Regency Songshan Lake in Dongguan. Partners from all over the country and leaders from all walks of life were invited to come and gather together with all the staff of Jiajing to congratulate Jiajing on its 20th anniversary.

The dinner kicked off and the guest speaker gave a speech.

After the opening ceremony of the 20th Anniversary Thanksgiving Ceremony, the company’s Chairman Chen Jianqiang came to the stage with a video interactive show that combined with Jiajing’s new brand image. He said that looking back at the 20-year long journey that Jiajing has already passed, this is a road of struggle with painstaking efforts. I am grateful to all of our partners for their persistence and hard work, and we are grateful to all partners for their continued support of Jiajing. Looking forward to the future, we are confident that we will move towards a new journey and a new peak.


Mr. Chen Jianqiang, Chairman of the Board, delivered a speech

Subsequently, Mr. Tan Jiazi, Chairman of the special guest New Hanlun Paper Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yu Xiansong, Chairman of Shandong Sunshine Pigment Co., Ltd., respectively delivered speeches. As a witness to the glorious years of Jiajing in the past 20 years, they have seen the entrepreneurial spirit of Jiajing's adherence to the industry and pragmatic advancement. Wishing you 20th anniversary of Jiajing, you will continue to walk with Jiajing in the future.


Tan Jiazi, Chairman of New Hanlun Paper Co., Ltd.


Yu Xiansong, Chairman of Shandong Sunshine Pigment Co.

Chapter 1 "20 years ·Thanks for Thanksgiving"


Chapter 1 Theme Reading

"In the past 20 years, Jiajing people have never stopped the pace of advancement. This is the 20 years that Jiajing has always been eager for the heart and has experienced prosperity. This is the 20 years of Jiajing's pursuit of excellence and reputation."

The review of the history and gratitude of the peers opened the first chapter of the dinner. The big screen lights up and plays the 20th anniversary blessing film specially recorded by Jiajing employees for the company. They review the company's growth and joy, gain and move, and express its best wishes for the company. When the blessing film was played, the audience under the audience laughed with the blessing film and moved together.


Play the 20th Anniversary of Jiajing Celebration

After the blessing film, the ceremony was held at the ceremony. Director Chen Jianchao awarded a special contribution award to the old employees who have worked for 15 years. Chairman Chen Jianqiang and General Manager Liu Yuzhen took the stage to award the Best Industry Partner Award. Grateful for the support and trust of all employees and partners along the way!


Special Contribution Award and Best Industry Partner Award

Chapter 2 "Standing for 20 Years, Precipitation Craftsmanship"


Chapter 2 Theme Reading

"For 20 years, we have used the innermost determination to explain excellence; for 20 years, we have used the ingenuity to support the good faith; for 20 years, we have used technological innovation to promote the development of the industry."

The recital with the theme of adhering to the industry and precipitating Jiajing corporate culture opened the second chapter of the dinner. After the recitation, the company's production department, technical department, marketing department, and administrative department brought the dance "We are all dream catchers." Every day, the work of each department was arranged into a dance movement and brought to the stage to show the spirit and style of the Jiajing team to the guests.



Department dance string "We are all dreamers"

Chapter 3 "Journey to build a dream, new scenery and new future"


Chapter 3 Theme Reading

"Looking forward to the years to come, we are full of confidence because we are - a good-looking person who is courageous and brave."

The recital with the theme of looking forward to the future and re-launching opened the third chapter of the dinner. After reading the book, the stage showed the harmonious happiness of the employees' small family, the Jiajing company's big family helped each other, and then went to the three scenes as a member of the country to take on the national mission. After the situational interpretation, the company's employees brought the chorus "Country", using the action to interpret the feelings of the homeland, pushing the atmosphere to the climax, and ending the three chapters of the party.



Scenario chorus "Country"

Jiajing 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

After the end of the chapter, Chairman Chen Jianqiang and General Manager Liu Yuzhen took the stage to celebrate the birthday of the cake and make a vision for Jiajing's future. Subsequently, the Jiajing management team came to the stage together with all the guests, toasting the good times and the future.



The 20th anniversary is an important milestone for Jiajing, and it is also a new starting point and journey. Thank you again for coming from afar and attending the 20th Anniversary Thanksgiving Ceremony. With your testimony and support, let the 20th anniversary of Jiajing be more successful, let us continue with confidence. Looking forward to our next 20 years, I will meet again!


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