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Water-based Ink for Color Coated Paper

This series of water-based inks are widely applied in the continuous printing on web papers with gravure machine, flexographic machine or spraying machine. The applications include luxury product packaging paper, tea, tobacco and alcohol products packaging paper, cosmetics packaging paper, consumer electronics packaging paper, certificates, business card paper, student cards, red packets, calendars, invitations and other coated color coated paper printing.

Water-based Ink for Plastic Film

The water-based ink for plastic flexible packaging printing can be divided into polyurethane series and acrylic acid series. This series of water-based ink products are  widely used for the continuous gravure and flexographic printing of the substrates of plastic films, including polyethylene film (PE), gas-permeable film, polypropylene film (BOPP, OPP), polyester film (PET), thermal shrinkage film (PVC, OPS), nylon film (PA) and biodegradable film (PLA), as well as copy paper and aluminium foil. The application fields of the product mainly include plastic bag printing, sanitary product flexible packaging printing, and food flexible packaging printing.

Water-based Ink for Carton Board

This series of inks is widely used in all kinds of flexographic printing machines for continuous printing of cardboard. The applications include the shoes packaging cartons, electronic products packaging cartons, ceramics packaging cartons, courier services cartons, fruits and vegetables packaging cartons, beer and beverage packaging cartons and other paper carton packaging.

Water-based Ink for Flexo Printing

Guangdong Yichen Technology Co., Ltd.

Printed matter:Special paper printing

The ink from Kagem has high color content, good stability, good printing effect, smooth flow; According to the variety of different indicators of our product, It can produce the water-based materials which is suitable for our requirements; Compared with other brands in the market, Kagem has a complete range of materials, moderate price and high cost performance.


Dongguan Tiantianhong Paper Co., Ltd.

Printed matter:Special paper printing

The soft water-based ink series produced by Kagem which is applied in flexographic printing machine, has the advantages of good hiding power, full color, anti-abrasion, anti-scratch and rapid drying. Printing products have excellent weatherability, which is for our smooth access to downstream high-end packaging customer orders to provide a solid guarantee.


Changsha Xingsha Packaging Co., Ltd.

Printed matter:Carton

The carton ink of Kagem has strong printability and fast drying speed. According to different printing substrates, the printed products all meet the requirements of customer indicators, which are complementary to each other, so as to provide customers with the protection of market competition.


Dongguan Ruixing Paper Products Co., Ltd

Printed matter:Packaging printing

The environmentally friendly ink series produced by Kagem has full printing color, excellent waterproof and wear-resistant performance, and the color card file management of the service team in the factory is perfect,which guarantee the uniformity of printing color,so it set up a good reputation in the industry for the customer brand image.


Chaoran Plastic Packaging Products (Shen

Printed matter:Plastic Packaging Bag

We are very satisfied with the quality of plastic gravure ink produced by Kagem . The printing products have good gloss, bright color, better resistance and abrasion than the past inks. It also provides customized environmental protection printing solutions.

Mr.ChenProduction Manager

Shenzhen Wandajie New Environmental Prot

Printed matter:Packing bag

The plastic gravure ink produced by Kagem has reasonable price, small smell and good printing performance. The cost of using Kagem ink is 15% lower than oil ink. The service is excellent.It is our excellent supplier.

Mr.ZhangProduction Vice Manager
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Water-based Ink for Color Coated Paper
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