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Our Products

  • Water-based Ink
    1. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and odorless, with low VOC
    2. Suitable for all types of paper and plastic film printing
    3. Easy to use and low overall cost
    4. Strong tinting strengthcolor tinting
      power, good printing effect
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  • Water-based Varnish
    1. Eco-friendly,non-toxic and odorless, with low VOC
    2. Blended with self-formulated synthetic polymer emulsion
    3. Good printing leveling, outstanding surface effect
    4. Meet the requirements of food contact packaging materials
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  • Water-based Polymer
    1. 15 years of experience in the composition of ink and varnish with emulsion
    2. Patented products including dispersed resin, pearlescent binder and self-crosslinking emulsion, etc.
    3. Customizable according to customer requirements
    4. Powerful DCS smart control system to ensure product quality
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  • Water-based Color Paste
    1. The product has passed EN71-3, ROHS, APEO, VOC and other tests
    2. Made with specialized color paste preparation technology and specially optimized formula
    3. Provide customers with water-based color paste with excellent light fastness, weather resistance and chemical resistance.
    4. A full range of water-based color pastes could meet different color requirements of customers
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