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On the afternoon of May 18th, 2019, Jiajing Inkjet New Brand Launch Conference was held in Shanda. Hundreds of industry professionals gathered to witness our new brand entering the next 20 years!

1. Take the brand as the starting point and promote the development with the brand.

At the beginning of the new brand launch conference, Chairman Chen Jianqiang delivered a speech and introduced the origin of the new brand. He said that it is necessary to seize the development opportunities of environmentally friendly water-based inks, compete with global excellent ink brands, and occupy a certain domestic and international market share. It needs to change from doing Chinese ink products to making Chinese ink brands.


The chairman said that it is necessary to actively cater to the changes in the needs of industry customers, look at the global market, upgrade the brand image, and let the Jiajing brand penetrate deeper into the customer's heart. While paying attention to product quality, we must improve service quality, build core competitiveness, make a good contribution to the water-based environmental protection ink industry, and create a bright future with customers.


After the chairman's speech ended, the company's leaders went on stage to launch the Jiajing new brand launching ceremony. Under the witness of all the guests, the brand image of the new Jiajing brand with 20 years of corporate culture and technology is officially launched.

新品牌 新营销 新产品 | 佳景新品牌发布会回顾(图4)

新品牌 新营销 新产品 | 佳景新品牌发布会回顾(图5)

2, new marketing, new model, new attitude, brand building is inseparable from the service upgrade of the times

Marketing Director Lu Wenjie took the stage to share the service upgrade. He pointed out that brand value is actually the embodiment of the company's core competitiveness and is of certain importance to the company's development. Jiajing new brand can more intuitively tell the target customers, Jiajing products' environmentally friendly water-selling point of sale, as well as Jiajing's complete product + comprehensive service, and can effectively meet the core competitiveness of printing requirements.



3, Jiajing ink innovation road water-based ink application solutions

Subsequently, technical manager Yin Shuhua took the stage to share the company's latest application solutions for different printing industries, including special paper printing, carton flexo printing, high-definition narrow-format flexo printing, and plastic film printing.


In the first part, Manager Yin proposed that the printing effect, color type, resistance, and post-printability of special paper processing are very strict. Based on industry standards and end-user requirements, Jiajing has repeatedly tested the drying, migration and chemical resistance of special paper inks and demonstrated the effect of on-site printing. It has continuously optimized the formula and achieved remarkable results, providing a comprehensive solution for the majority of specialty paper manufacturers. Program.


The guests on the scene took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

The second part is about the application innovation of carton flexographic printing water-based inks that take into account the advantages of “quality, cost and environmental protection”. Among them, he mentioned that the wide-format unit pre-printed ink has high precision of overprinting, the printing ink is full, the color is bright and firm, and the heat and water resistance is excellent. The company's series of products have been widely recognized by the market.

In addition, for the high-definition narrow-format flexo field, he also mentioned the company's food contact grade ink products. This series of products has the characteristics of environmental protection, low odor, good film formation and strong adhesion. It meets the standards of food contact materials regulated by the US FDA and the state. It can be used for printing paper towels, paper cups, paper straws, fruit tea labels and other products.


Finally, Manager Yin shared the water-based gravure plastic ink technology that the major ink manufacturers are focusing on. Manager Yin elaborated on the formulation characteristics, application problems and solutions of water-based inks on the printing requirements of different plastic flexible packaging, expressing confidence in the development of water-based plastic gravure inks.


In the tight dry talk, the time was like a blank, and the new brand launch ended in the applause of the guests. Jiajing will continue to cooperate with all partners for mutual benefit and create a better future with excellent quality, comprehensive service and professional spirit!



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