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Heat-resistant Softness Ink
Heat-resistant Softness Ink

Heat-resistant Softness Ink | Photo of printing samples using Kagem ink

Soft, temperature and light resistant ink(图1)

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Water-based Ink for Color Coated Paper
• Heat-resistant Softn
• Leather-texture Soft
• Ink for Cigarette Bo
• Heat-resistant Odorl
• Tactile-texture Ink
• Anti-static Ink
Water-based Ink for Flexo Printing
• Woven Bag Printing I
• Food Paper Packaging
• Single PE Coated Boa
• Double PE Coated Boa
• Non-woven Fabric Pri
• Label Printing Ink
• Napkin Printing Ink
• Paper Straw Printing
Water-based Ink for Plastic Film
• Plastic Bag Printing
• Sanitary Product Pri
• Food Flexible Packag
Water-based Ink for Carton Board
• Pre-printed Printing
• Common Carton Printi
• HD Carton Printing I