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Technology R&D Center

1-19122510012E19.jpgFocusing on the new quality requirements such as environmental protection, value-addition and multi-function are proposed for printing inks and printed materials, the development and application of related functional materials will grow in the future.  To keep the core competitiveness of the company, we have introduced senior professionals and international advanced R&D technologies, and established Guangdong Eco-friendly Water-based Ink Engineering Technology Research Center in 2015. Through the industry-university-research cooperation, we transformed various new products and technologies into productivity. Now the water-based inks and varnishes for color coated paper coating and printing have become the leading products of the company. In the future, we are confident to realize the transition from offset printing to flexographic printing in the high-definition printing patterns to the largest extent, and the transition from solvent-based inks to water-based inks in plastic film printing.

In addition, eco-friendly awareness and energy efficiency are prerequisites for the development of water-based inks. The R&D Center is committed to the development of plant-modified materials, food-grade pigments for the preparation of low VOC or VOC free inks, so that safe and compliant products can be provided in the fields of food contact flexible packaging, paper cups and straws, breathable films, and non wovens flexographic printings.

Application Technology Center

1-191225100230464.jpgAdhering to the core concept of “Create maximum value for customers with knowledge and experience”, the application technology team has accumulated much experience in the performance analysis and screening of polymer resins, pigments and additives for color coated paper, cartons, high-grade flexo products and water-based inks for plastic film printing. We can design formulas efficiently and accurately based on the color effect and performance requirements of customer samples according to industry standards and corporate standards, and if necessary, a team with rich printing experience will conduct on-site trial production tracking, so that printing ink solutions are tailored for customers to meet their individual requirements.

In addition, the application technology team could also provide product knowledge training, consulting before printing, case sharing and other services for water-based ink users.

Key Technologies

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