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Reliable solution of flying mark in winter die cutting

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Hot melt adhesive materials are particularly prone to die-cutting in winter, the so-called die-cutting flying sign is that the label will be lifted together with the waste edge during die-cutting. If there is a slight flying sign phenomenon, it will cause a certain amount of material waste to label printing enterprises; if the flying sign is serious, it simply can't be produced normally. There may be many reliable solutions, but how can they be both simple and effective? Let's take a look at the causes of the hot melt adhesive materials in winter die-cutting flying mark.


Reduction of parting force due to temperature

One of the characteristics of hot-melt adhesive is that it is greatly affected by temperature. Generally, when the temperature in the workshop is lower than 15 ℃, the release force of hot-melt adhesive material will decrease rapidly. Therefore, in the winter of northern China, hot melt adhesive materials are particularly prone to die-cutting flying mark.

Low parting force of hot melt adhesive

If the release force of hot melt adhesive itself is low, there may be no problem in summer die-cutting, but in winter it is easy to die-cutting flying mark.

Glue drawing, reflow

Hot melt adhesive also has a strong fluidity, die cutting at normal temperature, hot melt adhesive is easier to draw and reflow than water adhesive. In other words, the hot melt adhesive is more likely to adhere to the waste discharge edge, resulting in flying marks.


Simple and effective solution

In view of the above-mentioned causes of die-cutting flying mark phenomenon, many predecessors have written articles to introduce solutions, the author does not write here. The author introduces a relatively simple but very effective method, that is heating method.

The specific method is: try to fix an electric heating rod on the equipment and install it in front of the waste lifting roller of the waste discharging station. The purpose of this is to heat the adhesive material before it is pulled up. After fixing the heating tube, you can test whether the temperature of the material has increased to a certain extent before the waste is discharged by hand. This can effectively improve the hot melt adhesive material in winter die-cutting flying mark.

Because the release force of hot-melt adhesive will rise rapidly after being heated, the bonding force between the top paper and the bottom paper will increase, and it is not easy to be peeled off together with the waste discharge edge. At the same time, heating can also reduce the situation of adhesive drawing, backflow and adhesion with waste discharge edge, because the adhesive will become soft at the moment of heating, and the pulled adhesive wire is easy to break.

We hope that all label printing enterprises can survive this winter steadily.

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